July 14 – Papa Boo’s, 7-11pm   

July 27, Ale House 1890  9-midnight

August 25 – Papa Boo’s, 7-11pm  

September 22 – Far Cat’s Pizza, Lancaster, 8-11pm

September 29 – Private Wedding

October 6 – Breast Cancer Awareness – Moose Lodge, Lancaster  

November 17 – Private Birthday Party, New Lexington

November 21 – Fisher Catholic HS, Thanksgiving Eve Bash , 8-11pm

December 29 – Pre New Year’s Eve Bash, Fat Cats Pizza, Lancaster, 8-11pm









One response to “UPCOMING EVENTS

  1. I saw you guys at Papa Boos last weekend for the first time…absolutely, the most talented group of musicians/vocalists/ entertainers I’ve seen in years, maybe ever! You may remember me as I was the one that had to get nose to nose with you after hearing you do Turn the Page to make sure you weren’t really Bob Seger…then you transition into sounding exactly like Michael Jackson ?? That’s amazing…kept hundreds of us dancing for hours – I’m a groupie and fan for life…thanks for what you do!

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