FRANCO GUERRIERO                              (DRUMS & PERCUSSION)

Born in Italy, and grew up in Canada, Franco started playing percussion at the age of 12, focusing mainly on jazz while in high school and college. While in college, he taught percussion at Ryson’s Music Studio in Niagra Falls, Canada, and has also recorded for the Forrest Street Music label.  Franco earned a PHD in Mathematics in 1996, and has worked as a math professor for Ohio University since 1997. He has lived in Lancaster since 2001, and loves to collect percussion toys.



Mike is from Logan, Ohio and is an amazing self taught bass player. He has played in numerous garage bands over the years, and gets his talent honestly, coming from a musical family, with brother Jeff and sister Cheryl both playing professionally.

Growing up, Mike (who also can play the electric guitar very well!!) enjoyed listening to Cream, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Who, Jackson Browne and the Eagles. He also enjoys spending time with Becky, his three children, and going camping.                                                                                                            


70903088_3347288135296230_2678473018899955712_nDamon’s vocals (affectionally known as Mo) are the heart and soul of Bad Influence. A contestant on NBC’s THE VOICE, Mo auditioned for the popular TV show in Chicago. A graduate from Ohio University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications, he is in his 17th year of teaching in Westerville. In his spare time, he is a 3rd-degree black belt in Taekwondo.  He is married to his high school sweetheart and has two children.



At a young age, Bob realized he could play the piano by ear, copying his older sister note by note after she played “The Entertainer” one day in their basement. Ever since then, Bob has enjoyed playing the piano and keyboards for anyone that would listen. A big fan of Billy Joel, Phil Collins, and Alan Parsons, he was a former band member of the Columbus band LOST & FOUND from 2003-07. Bob has worked in video production and sports broadcasting for over 25 years, and is married to his wife Beth. He enjoys spending time with his family, and his grandchildren, William, Emma, Claire & Myles.


Like Bob, Shane discovered his musical abilities at an early age. His Dad and Uncle were founding members of the local band Whiskey River, so he didn’t have to go too far to experience live music! Shane grew up listening to a wide variety of musical styles, and he appreciates music in all its forms. Playing the guitar for over 20 years, Shane has been in several local bands, performing covers and original music spanning several genres. He will jam with anyone and play virtually anything! Shane’s musical influences include Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, Journey, The Doobie Brothers, Billy Squire, and Rush. His energetic stage presence and gritty guitar tone give Bad Influence just the right amount of ‘heaviness.’ Shane has a  Bachelor’s Degree from Ohio University in Interdisciplinary Media Arts. When he’s not playing music, he enjoys spending time with Kady, his girlfriend of 8 years, as well as friends and family.

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  1. Need to get your schedule…You guys ROCK !!!

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